JM University

JM University®

JM University – the jewelry industry’s preeminent online training resource from Jewelers Mutual – features educational loss prevention courses that guide jewelers in running safer and more secure businesses.

As a benefit for Jewelers Mutual policyholders, JM University equips jewelers with information, tips, and techniques to help avoid crime and other losses.


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Current course offerings include:

  • NEW! Loss Prevention Self Audit: Covers seven areas that can assist you in identifying potential weaknessses in your security procedures and also offers tips for implementing best practices.
  • Opening and Closing: Tips to help reduce risks during the most vulnerable times for jewelry businesses.
  • Danger on the Road: A comprehensive approach of how to protect yourself – and your property – while away from your business.
  • Selling With Security: A step-by-step guide for protecting your merchandise while interacting with customers.

Benefits of being a JM University Student:

  • Certificates to prove course completion
  • User-friendly dashboard makes navigation easy
  • Access on the go with mobile and tablet configurations
  • Ability to add and manage users for those that request additional permissions
  • Automatic tracking, analyzing, and reporting of progress and usage
  • Built-in messaging, feedback, notification and alerts – especially useful as new courses and updates arrive