Jewelry Insurance For Your Customers

Mentioning Jewelers Mutual’s personal jewelry insurance to your customers shows your concern for the safety of their jewelry purchase once it leaves your store.

Your insured customers will enjoy the freedom to wear their new jewelry without worry, and have you to thank for encouraging its protection.

3 Steps to Transform the Customer Experience

  1. Ask “Have you thought about jewelry insurance to protect your new purchase?”
  2. Hand your customers a Jewelers Mutual brochure.
  3. Explain “Here’s a brochure about jewelry insurance from Jewelers Mutual as an option to consider for protecting your purchase.”

Why Mention Jewelers Mutual?

Benefits to Your Customers:

  • We provide repair and replacement coverage that often goes beyond typical homeowners or renters insurance.*
  • Your customers are dealing with a company you know and trust.
  • Insured customers have the flexibility to come back to you for repairs or replacements, not a replacement company.

Benefits to You:

  • We send your insured customers back to you for claim-related repair and replacement work.
  • Get paid directly for the cost of your claim-related work, plus a profit percentage.
  • We encourage your customers to come back for regular cleanings, inspections and value reassessments.
  • Return visits give you the opportunity for jewelry upgrades and additional sales.
  • Differentiate your business by extending your service beyond the sale and building loyalty.

Enroll in a Program

Participate in one of our jeweler programs and you could earn valuable points or cash as part of mentioning Jewelers Mutual to your customers as an option to consider for protecting their jewelry.


For more information, to order materials for your store or to learn about program eligibility, contact a Jewelers Mutual sales manager at 800-558-6411, ext. 2118 or email

*Jewelers are not licensed agents and cannot sell or offer advice about insurance coverage.